Community participation is vital to the development of the Pueblo Transit Study. Whether you are an existing rider or simply an interested citizen, we encourage you to attend upcoming public meetings or take the online survey.

Upcoming Meetings

We invite the community to meet with the Pueblo Transit Study project team at the Pueblo Transit Center on Thursday, January 26th from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. to review and discuss proposed route changes.

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Past Meetings

In November 2016, the project team held meetings at the downtown Transit Center, Rawlings Library and Lucero Library to obtain public feedback on conceptual bus route improvements.

Two unique route network concepts were introduced. Instead of choosing between one or the other, participants were invited to share what they liked or did not like about each service concept.

During these sessions, the project team learned valuable information about key destinations and accessibility issues in certain areas of the city. Using this information, a revised concept was developed to better address the individual needs of riders.